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The Heartbeat of God

Written By: jamieu - Aug• 17•15

I serve on the REACH team at my church. We are composed of ushers, greeters, bulletin hander outers (that one is my specialty), basically the people you come into contact with when you walk in the front doors. Every morning before service we have a brief devotional and prayer time. Usually we pray as a team but a few weeks ago we spread out in the sanctuary and alter area to pray individually.

I knelt down at the alter where the worship team was warming up. As I began to pray I was overwhelmed by the music. I could physically feel it’s rhythm pounding in my chest. The music is always powerful during service but sitting this close to its source I could feel it stronger than I could feel my own heartbeat. In that moment I felt the Lord speakingheart to me so clearly. “The more you seek me Jamie, the more your hear beats in time with mine.”

A very frequently quoted scripture is James 4:8, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. I have heard it hundreds of times. Even though the words don’t feel new to me anymore, the truth remains unchanging. God wants you to feel His heartbeat. He wants to take your desires (the Godly ones) and align them with His will and do something amazing. So often Christians feel frustrated that they can not hear God speak to them. The first step is to get as close to the source as you can as often as you can.

Does this mean that every time you close your eyes to pray you are going to walk away with a prophetic word about your future or have some great revelation? Nope. So often I set out with the best intentions for my quiet time. Pandora is on the right station, the house is clean, and my highlighters are all lined up and ready. But there are many days when I feel exactly the same when I finish as I did when I started. No big revelation, no solid answers to pressing questions. Does that mean it was a waste of time? Never. What we don’t always realize is that the answer is usually found in the journey. As we seek Him He begins to change the rhythm of our lives without us even realizing it is happening. Then one day our eyes are opened to the revelation that we are running the race not motivated by our own selfish desires but by the metronome of God’s heart.

I teach dance, and I see this scenario played out all the time. My students come to class each week and repeat exercises and combinations that I give them to shape and mold them into the dancers they dream of becoming. It is often not a fun process….It hurts, it is repetitious and full of mistakes, corrections, and sometime even falling. The exciting part is that the ones that really want it keep coming back. Even when they feel like they are not making any progress. Through the frustration and pain they press on. They can not always see the changes but I can. I see them growing stronger, moving closer and closer to becoming the best dancer they can be. I am cheering them on and encouraging them to continue through the very challenging refining process.

God views our story the same way! Press in, lean in even when you don’t see the change or feel any different, when your questions still hang in the air, don’t quit. Your Heavenly Father is conditioning you for a beautiful dance that moves to the rhythm of His heart.

Cherish the In-Between

Written By: jamieu - Dec• 31•13

2013…what can I say? This year has definitely been a challenging one for me. A year that seemed to hold more valleys than peaks. BUT…God was there all along. Sometimes it did not feel like it. Even as I write this I face unanswered questions that I have been pleading for answers to…and He feels far away. Thankfully He is not. I take solace in the fact that His presence and love are not dependent on how I feel.

My heart has been changed over the past 12 months. I have learned to let go in a way that I never have before. My eyes were opened to how desperately I clung to things, relationships, jobs, etc. for security and comfort. Only God can fill those places. My head always knew that fact  but my heart now knows it in a much deeper way.

I am grateful for this year (would not want to relive it but grateful all the same). I realized this morning that I tend to judge the success of a year by the number of “big moments” that it holds. Did I meet the love of my life? Where did I travel? Was I offered a great job? While all of these things are wonderful life markers, they tend to be very spread out over ones lifetime. God is in those moments but he is also in all the ones in-between. Our day to day life is spent in the In-between, it is the mortar of our life story. Don’t despise the time spent waiting for those big moments like I have. There is beauty to be found in this place of waiting if we choose to look for it. This is the place where we can hear God’s whisper, where we learn to love, grow, and become the person we were meant to be.

When I think back to the best moments of 2013 they are most defiantly the in-between moments: laughing with friends, spending time with my grandmother before she passed away, celebrating other people’s “big” moments, trying something new and succeeding at it. I hope there are some amazing life marking moments in 2014, but this year I am determined to live in EVERY moment. We would never reach the destinations of our lives without all the steps in-between – so keep walking it out (no matter how mundane it may seem) but learn to enjoy the view along the way.

Lessons From the Holy Land: Remember the Sabbath

Written By: jamieu - Nov• 25•13

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and people have already begun lining up in front of the retail store of their choice, making sure to secure their chances of getting the latest and greatest “whatever” at the best price in town. Retailers such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, Target, Old Navy, OfficeMax, JC Penny, and Staples are a few stores that will be open on Thanksgiving Day. Many malls around the country will also be open on the holiday. The manager of a mall in New Jersey defended this decision stating, “Extended holiday hours are designed to meet customer needs and reflect changing consumer behavior.”

What is wrong with our nation? It makes me sick that we cannot take ONE day off! I know that Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, but it is a day set aside to be with our loved ones, to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for, to play board games, toss around the football, and eat some amazing food! In our profit-obsessed, shopping-addicted, restless nation, Thanksgiving is quickly becoming a speed bump on the retail freeway. Why stop? If you open they will come…

One of the things that stood out to me in a big way when I was in Jerusalem was the observance of the Sabbath or Shabbat. On Friday afternoon all stores and places of business begin to close and remain closed until sundown Saturday evening. People come home to their families and share a meal together, they pray and attend services. The TV is off, meals have been prepared in advance so that no work is needed in the kitchen, and they rest. There is no concern for the money that is being lost because stores are not open. They choose to take God at His word. “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” This is actually the fourth commandment in the 10 commandments…a pretty important list.

I am not condemning shopping or amazing deals, I am simply concerned with the state of mind that seems to have permeated America: time is money, rest is wasteful, everything should be convenient. God knows the importance of rest. That is why He commanded us to do it. Without it we burn out and lose sight of Him. I was challenged to examine my own life in this area while I was in Israel, and I pass that challenge on to you. The world will not fall to pieces if we choose to take a day and put the work aside. In fact it might just get a little better.



Lessons From the Holy Land: Just Float

Written By: jamieu - Oct• 22•13

I was skeptical as I approached the water. I wondered if the Dead Sea was really going to live up to all the hype. It was beautiful, the water was a mixture of greens and blues (I assumed it would be mirky) and as I faced the sea the hills of Jordan laid out before me like a painting. So far so good…..but would I really float. That was the question in my mind. I live by the ocean and have played in the water many times. I know that it is pretty salty yet it has never come close to forcing me to float.

Dead Sea

I stepped in. Treading carefully, I tried not to cut my feet on the jagged salt deposits that lined the sea bed. “Feels, pretty normal so far.” I thought. But as I continued to walk deeper into the water it actually became harder to remain standing. It was what I imagine walking on the moon might feel like. Eventually it was too much work to fight the buoyancy that the water was giving me. I let go and without any effort I was floating. I did not need to kick my legs or paddle my arms to stay up, no energy was needed.

Later that night as I was replaying the day’s events in my mind I got a revelation. The deeper we go in our walk with the Lord, the more we are challenged. Don’t get me wrong, life as a Christian is filled with love, salvation, victory, and joy. But let’s be real…in between those moments (or even during some of them) life can feel like one big decision after another. We wrestle with wanting to please the Lord, to do His will even when we are afraid. We face major disappointments and struggle to wait for answers to prayers. We worry ourselves into exhaustion over concern for loved ones or uncertain futures. I find that sometimes my prayers are just a long string of worry and fret with an “amen” attached at the end. If we are not careful we will soon find ourselves flailing out in the water working too keep our feet on the ground.

As the Lord takes us deeper in Him we have to learn to let go and let God hold us up in His arms. I am not saying that we should not be pro-active. We need to be diligent in our time with the Lord, to earnestly seek Him, but at the end of the day we have to realize that it is ok to rest knowing that our life is held safely in the hands of almighty God.

Imagine a loving father rocking a screaming baby that is doing everything in her power to stay awake. The father rocks the child patiently knowing that rest is what she needs. God does not want His children worn out and exhausted, He needs us rested, prayed up and ready to spring into action when He calls us to move. The sooner we learn to admit that we can’t do it on our own or in our own power, the sooner we can let go and just float.

Israel Recap Video

Written By: jamieu - Oct• 14•13

Hey guys! Here is a recap video from my recent trip to Israel. If you are interested in more information on why I was there I am including links to  the web site for the ICEJ as well as to a behind the scenes video for the Feast of Tabernacles. Enjoy!

ICEJ Home Page

ICEJ Behind the Feast


In The World But Not Of It…?

Written By: jamieu - Jul• 08•13


For the past month or so I have been chewing on a question. Do the Christians of this generation “blend in?” In an attempt to break the stigma that we are judgmental and legalistic have we become so desensitized that we are lowering the standard for which we live and more importantly for whom we represent?

II Corinthians 5:11, II Corinthians 5:20, and Ephesians 6:20 all speak about how we are ambassadors for Christ. What does that mean? I found these two definitions for ambassador on

1. A diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative.

2.  An authorized messenger or representative

This life is not our own, the day we accepted Christ we became His ambassadors to the world. We were put here to fulfill the individual plan that God has for our lives and to be resident representatives of heaven.

That is a pretty heavy thought isn’t it? Whether you like it or not, once you proclaim your faith you are being watched by those you have influence over, those who are waiting for you to mess up, and by people that you are unaware of (Facebook has made that one very easy..). What is your life telling them? Do they see a difference in you, or do they only remember that you are a Christian when you mention going to church on Sunday? If we watch the same TV shows, listen to the same music, laugh at the same vulgar jokes, say the same curse words, how are we any different from the world we are in?

I completely understand the concept of not wanting to fall into legalism. I also understand that there are gray areas in the Bible that we all have different convictions on (example: should Christians drink alcohol?), but in an attempt to not cross over into legalism have we fallen too far in the other direction? Is there even a line anymore?

I feel like the Christians of this generation have been so bombarded with the degeneration of our society that we have lowered our standards just to “survive.” I mean let’s be real – look at what is on TV on a daily basis. Shows that encourage teenage drinking, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, foul language, extramarital affairs, all things the Bible is VERY clear on, and yet we religiously tune in every week. I will be the first to admit I am guilty of that, and have found plenty of excuses to justify my choices over the years. My “justification” was shaken when I recently I heard a minister say “why are we so entertained by the very things that Jesus died to save us from?” Yikes…..

I think that Romans 12:2 says pretty much says it all:

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Where do you think­­ Christians have dropped the ball? Where have we conformed and how do we fix it? I am honestly curious what you think. Feel free to comment below or on this link on Facebook. I would like to do a follow up blog on this topic with my own thought as well as what others think and perceive.




“Who am I”

Written By: jamieu - May• 10•13

What do you think of when I say the name Moses? My guess is that your mind goes to some of the amazing things that happened throughout his life. He was hidden by his mother to save him from execution, survived a trip down the crocodile-infested Nile in a basket, was raised as a Prince in an Egyptian palace, and aided in rescuing the people of Israel from cruel slavery! Truthfully the list goes on: Plagues, Passover, parting of the Red Sea, hung out on a mountain with God, Ten Commandments……

This is a pretty impressive list. It is easy to look at someone like Moses (or any of the great heroes of the Bible) and think of them as superhuman, but the truth is they were just that, human. No different from you or me. They had doubts, fears, flaws, and issues. Let’s dial Moses’ story back to the famous burning bush encounter in Exodus 3.

God begins to reveal to Moses the amazing call on his life, the plans that He has for him, the reason he was spared as a baby. As the details of this epic adventure are spelled out to our hero his response is literally, “Who am I?” “Who am I to appear before Pharaoh? Who am I to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?” Does this dialogue feel as familiar to you as it does to me? As Christians we spend so much of our life trying to figure out our destiny; God’s call on our lives. We crave a heroic story like we read about in Exodus! But then when God begins to speak to your heart the plans that He has for you, the story He needs you to help tell, do you respond like Moses? When push comes to shove, obedience can be really scary and it is easy to feel unqualified.  “Who am I?” can haunt us on a daily basis. God’s answer to that question is the same to us as it was to Moses. “It does not matter who you are because I AM.”

I believe that the Lord searches for people who have willing hearts, people who may have flaws and insecurities but are willing to obey when it does not make sense, and people who are willing to do it afraid. There will be trials and times when there seems to be no way around the army of circumstances that surround you, but it is in those moments that we stand in awe as the sea parts in front of us and we continue to move forward.

God’s name is not “I Was” or “I Will Be” it is “I AM”. That means that He is right now, present tense, in this moment just as He was for Moses and just as He will be for those who come after us. Take comfort in that fact and let it wash over you for a moment. You are not alone. Where He calls He equips, and where we are weak He is strong, He was, He is, and He will always be.


Expectant Hope Pt. 2

Written By: jamieu - Mar• 14•13

I received a revelation this week that  really piggybacks off my last blog “Expectant Hope”. There I spoke about having  hope even when things do not turn out quite as you had planned – or when you find yourself in a season of waiting. The longer I live out seasons like this the more I see the need for them. So often we despise the time of preparation even though it is vital for our survival. Picture an aspiring rock climber standing at the base of Mt. Everest saying to himself, “Well, here goes nothing!” Anyone who has made it to the top of that mountain (or any mountain for that matter!) will tell you that they spent years training before they reached the peak. We sometimes look at people who have accomplished things that we aspire to  and think that it just “happened” for them. I assure you that if you were to ask that person about their journey they would tell you quite a different story!

So how do we not grow discouraged in the training period? We know that God’s plans for us are good (anyone on this journey has Jeremiah 29:11 playing on a loop in their head during those discouraging times….or is that just me?) – but how do we know that what God wants for us can bring us joy like the things we want for ourselves?  I have asked this SO many times. I found myself slipping into the thought process that if I did not expect too much then I would not be disappointed. This felt like the safe thing to do but I knew that it was not a Godly mindset. In frustration I cried out, “I need a word Lord! I want to know that I can hope for great things and not be disappointed!” Recently during a Bible study I was handed a piece of paper with a passage from Romans 5 on it. We went around the group each reading a section of the passage. When it was my turn, this is what I read,

Romans 5:3-5 (MSG)

“There’s more to come: We continue to shout our praise even when we’re hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next. In alert expectancy such as this, we’re never left feeling shortchanged. Quite the contrary—we can’t round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit!”

We are NEVER left feeling shortchanged when our hope is in God! We can not even grasp all that He wants to do in and through our lives! The big picture will most likely look different than what you thought but that does not mean that you will not be fulfilled! When you are sweating it out in that training period take heart and be alert – you will find that God drops little breadcrumbs along your path that continue to lead you on your way – they sustain you for the journey ahead. This verse was a whole loaf for me! Take heart mountain climbers you will make it – but remember it is an uphill climb.

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Expectant Hope

Written By: jamieu - Dec• 31•12

It is New Year’s Eve and like most people I have spent the day reflecting on 2012. As I did, I found myself conflicted. I am so blessed. I have a wonderful family, a roof over my head and food to eat. That is more than many have in this world. I have seen some of my biggest dreams come true this year and I have also had to accept the letting go of others (even if it is only for a time).

One thing that I have been struggling with over this year (and really the one before it as well….) is a general sense of restlessness. God has been working in my life in so many ways yet I feel impatient. A few years ago I was bursting at the seams with anticipation. Ready to take the world by storm, feeling like all the promises God had spoken to my heart were about to come to pass. I felt like I had waited so long and everything in my life seemed to be building to a great climax. And then….it all changed. I entered into yet another season of waiting. Slowly I felt God asking me to let go of so many things. I realize now that I was putting my hope and dependence on those things instead of Him. No person, organization, home, friend, ministry, or dream can take the place of God. That seems like a given, but over this year I began to realize that I was clinging so desperately to those things because I thought that my dreams could not come true without them.

Restless, antsy, frustrated, and impatient – that is how I have felt this year. And slowly a sense of entitlement began to creep in. “I deserve this! I have waited so long! I try so hard to do everything right God, what more do you want of me!” This has been the ongoing battle in my head for quite some time. Deep inside me there is this fire that burns. It wants to go and make a difference for the Kingdom of God. It wants so desperately to take this brief breath of life that I have and make it count. It dreams of a partnership with a man who shares my passion and vision. All good things, God things, and yet I wait, trying to tame my flesh and lay down my life daily.

I have never been pregnant but I hear that it has its ups and downs to say the least. You are excited, scared, sick, tired, happy, sad, and a plethora of other emotions. You have a little dream inside of your belly. It is a good dream, and yet you wait. There is nothing that you can do but wait, wait for it to grow and mature. You wonder whether it will be a boy or a girl, will it have your eyes, what will its personality be like? But all the wondering does not make the time move quicker. As the months pass your little dream begins to grow and you are bursting with anticipation! But with that eagerness there comes discomfort and restlessness. There are sleepless nights, uncomfortable symptoms, and a wait that at times seems never ending. And then comes the REALLY hard part!

I have read this scripture many times before, but tonight I read it in the Message translation and it spoke to me in a new way.

Romans 8:22-25

 All around us we observe a pregnant creation. The difficult times of pain throughout the world are simply birth pangs. But it’s not only around us; it’s within us. The Spirit of God is arousing us within. We’re also feeling the birth pangs. These sterile and barren bodies of ours are yearning for full deliverance. That is why waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. We are enlarged in the waiting. We, of course, don’t see what is enlarging us. But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.

 Even though a pregnant woman experiences a lot of pain, it never diminishes the expectant hope that she has. Sometimes the waiting on our dreams feels unbearably long, it is uncomfortable and painful, but we can’t lose our hope! God is faithful, He will complete what He has started! Who am I to say when I am ready for all that is growing in me? My prayer for this year is that I would use my waiting time productively, continuing to grow in God and walk in obedience. But mostly I want to continue to walk in expectant hope and not cave under the frustration of the waiting. Whatever comes in 2013 – the joys and challenges, I am so grateful for a God who loves me enough to make me wait – who wants me to be the very best that I can be (and who puts up with me!). Letting go is not giving up! Blessings to you all in this new year of adventures!

Servant Artists

Written By: jamieu - Aug• 14•12

I am back! It has been a long time since I have contributed to the world of blogging. This summer has been a whirlwind of adventures, change, challenge, and growth. As I mentioned in previous posts I had the privilege of working with Arrows International ( for a third time this summer. This year we traveled across the sea to jolly ol’ England. It has been a dream of mine to go to London since I was a little girl watching Marry Poppins jump into sidewalk art. Needless to say I was VERY excited.

During the training period in Oklahoma a quote came up in a devotion time that really stuck with me.

“Our dance is a towel to wash the feet of man – we are servant artists”

Wow – what a beautiful picture of what we do as artists who minister the gospel! I jotted it down in my journal but did not realize how God was really going to challenge me in this area during the next 3 weeks.

As a professional dancer you are constantly striving for perfection. Even your best day in class or on stage can be improved upon. Countless hours are spent in the studio training, rehearsing, and popping Advil like Tic Tacs. This is all in preparation for the moment when you step onto the stage and share your message. As a Christian professional dancer you work your toes to the bone to bring glory to God. The goal is not just to entertain an audience but to usher in the life changing presence of God. It can be  tricky, though, to tame your flesh. We are trained to be in front of an audience, to dance with excellence, and it can be easy to let pride creep in, a lesson I was about to relearn on this trip

One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 16:9:

“A man’s heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps”

This trip was very planned out. We knew the choreography, had costumes, and specific events and places to perform. We were ready, but soon learned that the hours upon hours of preparation were to be broken as an offering before the Lord – we were prepared but it was up to HIM to do with us as He pleased.

There were many challenging situations: last minute changes, limited time to block, challenging spaces, etc. When we were at Project Dance London ( the weather (and flooring) did not want to cooperate. Rain came down off and on all day. The stage was slippery and left a nice black layer of paint on anything that touched it. The bathrooms were far away and there was no space in the dressing rooms. All factors that started to wear on me. While I knew I had to keep a good attitude, my flesh was upset. I was really looking forward to dancing at this event and we were not able to perform some of our pieces or even wear our costumes. Pride stated to seep into my thoughts, “We worked for hours on those dances and now we can’t even show them?  We can’t use our costumes! People will not take us seriously in sweat pants!” As these thoughts kept penetrating my thought life I realized how selfish and prideful I was being. Who was I to assume how God would use our team to minister? Didn’t Jesus himself, King of the Universe, humble Himself to the position of a servant? He literally washed the feet of HIS disciples! We had detailed choreography ready but God wanted us to dance spontaneously, in the rain, in the middle of London. It is moments like these that make you realize that this journey is so NOT about us. God moved that rainy day in London and He did it His way. This theme continued throughout our trip. We danced in the tube to music from an iphone. We put on an unplanned dance concert in front of a laundromat in a predominantly Muslim community (in sweat pants!) and God moved in a mighty way! I am so grateful for a God who is patient and willing to teach me how to serve with a heart like His.

2 Corinthians 2:15-16

For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.  To the one we are an aroma that brings death; to the other, an aroma that brings life. And who is equal to such a task?”