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Are You Hanging Out at the Barre?

I take a ballet class every day. And every ballet class begins the same way, at the barre (yes that is how it is spelled). The barre is just that, a horizontal bar that is mounted onto a wall or onto standing legs. Its purpose is to provide support for the dancers as they work […]

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The Garden of Your Thoughts

                                                       My schedule is not quite back to normal yet so I have had some extra time in the afternoons. I have been attempting to use this time to work on class plans for all of my dance for the second half of the year (I have been slightly distracted by the joy of re-watching […]

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The Little Things

Ok – so if you know me at all you know that I am slightly addicted to Dr. Pepper. Yes, I know that soda is not good for you – no lectures please. I do not have very many unhealthy habits and I am in pretty good shape, so I give myself this little indulgence […]

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Today is a Gift

Today’s picture is simply a snapshot of the date. I know that it is said all of the time but today is a gift. Since Christmas day I have found out about 3 different people in the prime of their lives who have passed away suddenly. It is always a shocking and disturbing thing to […]

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A New Blog for a New Year

As the year draws to a close it is my usual tradition to think back over all that has happened during the previous 12 months. I usually aid my memory by cracking open my journal and reliving my experiences as I documented them. SO that is my first picture of the year! These are only […]

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