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Written By: jamieu - Feb• 12•12

As the year draws to a close it is my usual tradition to think back over all that has happened during the previous 12 months. I usually aid my memory by cracking open my journal and reliving my experiences as I documented them. SO that is my first picture of the year! These are only three of the journals that I have kept over my lifetime. I am SO thankful that I have them. There are so many things that I think that I will remember and never bother to document. I have discovered that that is usually not the case and regret it. When I write an entry right there in the moment (or at least sometime in the same day or so) I am able to paint a picture that will live on both on paper and my memory.

I encourage you to keep a journal as well (yes even they guys). In the pages of the books I have kept are memories, prayers, scriptures, and words from the Lord. I look back and am encouraged to see what God has brought me through – it gives me hope for the future. We live in an age of text messages and emails. We hit send and it is gone into cyper space in an instant and into someone’s deleted file within moments. There is so little documentation now. I miss the days when I got letters in the mail! My friend Amanda lives in Texas and as kids (before email, texting, and skype) we would write letters to each other all the time. I saved those letters in a binder and it always brings me joy to read over them and relive our childhood escapades. I feel like this generation is not going to have anything like that to pass on to their children.

Over Christmas break I was visiting my grandmother and she gave me her scrapbook from when she was a child and teenager. It is full of letters from friends and newspaper clippings. So far the oldest thing I have found is a valentine she received in the first grade – which would mean it is from around 1927! This is a treasure that I will always cherish – I am so glad that she took the time to save some memories to pass on to me.

So maybe this year instead of an email send a letter to a friend – even if they live in the same city! Write down the things that God does in your life in 2012 and in 50 years when your grandchildren crack open your journal God will use it to encourage them. Let’s make sure that when we are gone someday we leave something behind for those who follow after us.

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