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Lessons From the Holy Land: Just Float

Written By: jamieu - Oct• 22•13

I was skeptical as I approached the water. I wondered if the Dead Sea was really going to live up to all the hype. It was beautiful, the water was a mixture of greens and blues (I assumed it would be mirky) and as I faced the sea the hills of Jordan laid out before me like a painting. So far so good…..but would I really float. That was the question in my mind. I live by the ocean and have played in the water many times. I know that it is pretty salty yet it has never come close to forcing me to float.

Dead Sea

I stepped in. Treading carefully, I tried not to cut my feet on the jagged salt deposits that lined the sea bed. “Feels, pretty normal so far.” I thought. But as I continued to walk deeper into the water it actually became harder to remain standing. It was what I imagine walking on the moon might feel like. Eventually it was too much work to fight the buoyancy that the water was giving me. I let go and without any effort I was floating. I did not need to kick my legs or paddle my arms to stay up, no energy was needed.

Later that night as I was replaying the day’s events in my mind I got a revelation. The deeper we go in our walk with the Lord, the more we are challenged. Don’t get me wrong, life as a Christian is filled with love, salvation, victory, and joy. But let’s be real…in between those moments (or even during some of them) life can feel like one big decision after another. We wrestle with wanting to please the Lord, to do His will even when we are afraid. We face major disappointments and struggle to wait for answers to prayers. We worry ourselves into exhaustion over concern for loved ones or uncertain futures. I find that sometimes my prayers are just a long string of worry and fret with an “amen” attached at the end. If we are not careful we will soon find ourselves flailing out in the water working too keep our feet on the ground.

As the Lord takes us deeper in Him we have to learn to let go and let God hold us up in His arms. I am not saying that we should not be pro-active. We need to be diligent in our time with the Lord, to earnestly seek Him, but at the end of the day we have to realize that it is ok to rest knowing that our life is held safely in the hands of almighty God.

Imagine a loving father rocking a screaming baby that is doing everything in her power to stay awake. The father rocks the child patiently knowing that rest is what she needs. God does not want His children worn out and exhausted, He needs us rested, prayed up and ready to spring into action when He calls us to move. The sooner we learn to admit that we can’t do it on our own or in our own power, the sooner we can let go and just float.

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  1. evelyn odom says:

    I believe what you say is true we need to let go and let our Father lead us.

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