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Cherish the In-Between

Written By: jamieu - Dec• 31•13

2013…what can I say? This year has definitely been a challenging one for me. A year that seemed to hold more valleys than peaks. BUT…God was there all along. Sometimes it did not feel like it. Even as I write this I face unanswered questions that I have been pleading for answers to…and He feels far away. Thankfully He is not. I take solace in the fact that His presence and love are not dependent on how I feel.

My heart has been changed over the past 12 months. I have learned to let go in a way that I never have before. My eyes were opened to how desperately I clung to things, relationships, jobs, etc. for security and comfort. Only God can fill those places. My head always knew that fact  but my heart now knows it in a much deeper way.

I am grateful for this year (would not want to relive it but grateful all the same). I realized this morning that I tend to judge the success of a year by the number of “big moments” that it holds. Did I meet the love of my life? Where did I travel? Was I offered a great job? While all of these things are wonderful life markers, they tend to be very spread out over ones lifetime. God is in those moments but he is also in all the ones in-between. Our day to day life is spent in the In-between, it is the mortar of our life story. Don’t despise the time spent waiting for those big moments like I have. There is beauty to be found in this place of waiting if we choose to look for it. This is the place where we can hear God’s whisper, where we learn to love, grow, and become the person we were meant to be.

When I think back to the best moments of 2013 they are most defiantly the in-between moments: laughing with friends, spending time with my grandmother before she passed away, celebrating other people’s “big” moments, trying something new and succeeding at it. I hope there are some amazing life marking moments in 2014, but this year I am determined to live in EVERY moment. We would never reach the destinations of our lives without all the steps in-between – so keep walking it out (no matter how mundane it may seem) but learn to enjoy the view along the way.

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