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The Heartbeat of God

Written By: jamieu - Aug• 17•15

I serve on the REACH team at my church. We are composed of ushers, greeters, bulletin hander outers (that one is my specialty), basically the people you come into contact with when you walk in the front doors. Every morning before service we have a brief devotional and prayer time. Usually we pray as a team but a few weeks ago we spread out in the sanctuary and alter area to pray individually.

I knelt down at the alter where the worship team was warming up. As I began to pray I was overwhelmed by the music. I could physically feel it’s rhythm pounding in my chest. The music is always powerful during service but sitting this close to its source I could feel it stronger than I could feel my own heartbeat. In that moment I felt the Lord speakingheart to me so clearly. “The more you seek me Jamie, the more your hear beats in time with mine.”

A very frequently quoted scripture is James 4:8, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. I have heard it hundreds of times. Even though the words don’t feel new to me anymore, the truth remains unchanging. God wants you to feel His heartbeat. He wants to take your desires (the Godly ones) and align them with His will and do something amazing. So often Christians feel frustrated that they can not hear God speak to them. The first step is to get as close to the source as you can as often as you can.

Does this mean that every time you close your eyes to pray you are going to walk away with a prophetic word about your future or have some great revelation? Nope. So often I set out with the best intentions for my quiet time. Pandora is on the right station, the house is clean, and my highlighters are all lined up and ready. But there are many days when I feel exactly the same when I finish as I did when I started. No big revelation, no solid answers to pressing questions. Does that mean it was a waste of time? Never. What we don’t always realize is that the answer is usually found in the journey. As we seek Him He begins to change the rhythm of our lives without us even realizing it is happening. Then one day our eyes are opened to the revelation that we are running the race not motivated by our own selfish desires but by the metronome of God’s heart.

I teach dance, and I see this scenario played out all the time. My students come to class each week and repeat exercises and combinations that I give them to shape and mold them into the dancers they dream of becoming. It is often not a fun process….It hurts, it is repetitious and full of mistakes, corrections, and sometime even falling. The exciting part is that the ones that really want it keep coming back. Even when they feel like they are not making any progress. Through the frustration and pain they press on. They can not always see the changes but I can. I see them growing stronger, moving closer and closer to becoming the best dancer they can be. I am cheering them on and encouraging them to continue through the very challenging refining process.

God views our story the same way! Press in, lean in even when you don’t see the change or feel any different, when your questions still hang in the air, don’t quit. Your Heavenly Father is conditioning you for a beautiful dance that moves to the rhythm of His heart.

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  1. Alan Wills says:

    So glad you are writing again :-)

  2. Hope says:

    Thank you for writing this…for sharing your heart so rawly. I love you friend!

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