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What Part Are You Going To Play?

Written By: jamieu - Feb• 12•12

Here is something that I have learned through my years as a dancer. There are times that you do not get the part that you wanted to play. You wait and wait for the casting list to go up and you spend your days dreaming of your moment when you get to shine in the roll that you want so badly. You can almost feel the warmth of the stage lights shining on you, you think about how amazing you will look in your custom fitted costume. You have gone over and over how you will portray your roll and you can already feel the butterflies of opening night excitement. There is no doubt in your mind that this part was meant for you to play. Then the day comes and you nervously approach the call board. There it is…the cast list. Taking a deep breath and pushing out all thoughts of doubt, you step up and look for your name. As you scan the list shock and disappointment wash over you. How can this be, Village Girl #2? This is not my part! Once the shock wears off it is quickly replaced by anger. “I have been working my tail off for months!” you think to yourself. “Has the director even noticed? Does she even care?” You scan back over the list and look again at the name next to “your” part. “What! SHE got the roll! I have been here way longer than she has. I have paid my dues, I deserve this part. What has she done? She just waltzes in here and gets everything handed to her. I never really liked that girl. Who does she think she is anyway?”
Does this feel at all familiar? Just replace the cast list with a job promotion, or becoming valedictorian, or another year of being single when kids you use to babysit for are sending you wedding invitations. I think you get the picture. A director or choreographer’s job is to cast a show in a way that will best illustrate the story. There are times when their choices seem so unfair. You have been waiting so long for your chance at the starring role but you missed it because you were too tall or too short, or you did not have the right ”look”. Or, is it because they knew that you would be more valuable in a different position? That your strengths would be better served in a part you never even considered. The angry and bitter thoughts that you have allowed to fill your mind prevent you from exploring the possibility of being used in a different way. You do not even take the time to appreciate the honor of being given a part to play.
In life there are so many times when we can feel cheated. Things do not turn out how we thought they would. Time ticks by and we wait for our dreams to come true while we watch others get all the “good parts”. We experience loss and tragedy while others seem to have everything handed to them. And pretty soon we let our minds get consumed with what could have been or should have been. While we wallow in our self pity there is a vacant place on the stage where we should be. You are not dancing your roll, the part created especially for you by the Divine Choreographer because you wanted a different part. A great story is only great when each person plays their part to the best of their ability. When one piece of the puzzle is missing the story looses some of its strength. Who are we to tell God how He should direct His ballet? The truth is that as Christians we are all a part of the body of Christ and our focus in life should be the advancement of His kingdom. Does it really matter what part we play if souls are being saved and people’s lives are being miraculously changed by the love of Christ? When we take a moment to think about it we may realize that our focus has shifted off of God and onto the advancement of self. Just like he deceived Eve so long ago in the garden, the enemy wants you to believe that it is all about you. His game has not changed. Satan is the master of twisting the truth and making us believe that because things are not as we had hoped God is trying to withhold something from us. If he can make us believe that our part is not good enough, if he can get us to believe that we deserve more that what we have, that God “owes” us, then he has the victory.
I believe with all my heart that God places within each of us dreams that He has every intension of bringing to pass. He wants us to live fulfilled lives where we are serving Him with the talents and gifts that he has given us. The issue most often comes when we are unable to accept that fact that God’s ways and His timetable are not always what we expect or think that they should be. There will be times when you have your dream roll and there will be times when you are the understudy. Our goal sho uld be to treat every part we play no matter how small and insignificant it may feel to us, as if it was the best part. And guess what? It is the best part because it is the one that God has given you. Cherish it and glean all that God has for you with each new role that you play. When you do this you will experience true joy and fulfillment in your life because you are walking in your destiny.
I was listening to a song recently by one of my favorite artists Jimmy Needham. These words from his song “The Reason I Sing” jumped out at me through my headphones so strongly that I have not been able to forget them.
“So if I am destined for a small stage – the small crowds and the small pay – then maybe even in a small way – I can bring you fame.”
When I stand before the Lord one day I do not want to review my life and realize that all I ever did was strive to bring fame to my own name. Living to boost my own ego while disguising it as “serving Him”. In that moment when I am face to face with my creator, my choreographer, I pray that I have played my part well. That I lived a life of faith, hope, and love. That whatever I was able to accomplish with my brief moment here on earth brought glory to the one who created it.


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