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Spiritual Pas de Deux

Written By: jamieu - Feb• 26•12

In ballet Pas de deux is a dance that is usually performed by a male and female dancer. They are partners. Their rolls tend to be quite different but they depend on each other to equally to create a successful dance. It is the female’s responsibility to help her partner by engaging her body, holding her placement, and jumping if necessary. The male must be strong and understand how to correctly support his partner, if either dancer is hesitant or does not do their share of the work, the partnership will fail. But when the two are working together with the same vision they will soar.

Now, think of God as you supernatural pas de deux partner. He is here to support us to dance with us and lead us through life, but we have to do our share of the work. Ask any guy who has partnered with a girl who was weak or did not know how to hold herself correctly and he will tell you it is near impossible. Imagine dancing with a limp noodle – that is the picture of a girl who expects the man to do all the work. It is an illusion that makes us believe that the partnership is effortless (at least if you are watching really good dancers).

God is always there for us, He is our rock that is never shaken but we must do our part to be spiritually strong. How can we expect to hear His voice when we never take the time to listen? How can He lead us down the path He has for our lives if we never spend time in prayer or the word? The truth is we can’t. We are a limp noodle Christian with no core strength for our dance with the Lord. The naive dancer thinks that the other partner is going to all the work and that all they need to do is show up. We all need to examine our walk with the Lord and check to see if we have that same attitude with Him.

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